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A unique combination of design, art and people

SuviDesign visitors have an opportunity to discuss product manufacture with designers, follow demonstrations and do some shopping. While there, you can also visit the art center Purnu and its modern art exhibition.

SuviDesign is an event where designers put forth original quality products. We present utility articles and art made out of glass, wood, metals, ceramics, textiles and various recycled materials. The overarching feature for all the pieces of work is the deepest essence of the design: the material and the craftsmanship become greater than the sum of their parts, culminating in a design which owes no explanations for its existence.


SuviDesign was created because professionals in the field of design and applied arts wanted to present their products to customers, meet with co-workers and make new contacts. SuviDesign is special because of the way it combines these aspects in a rush-free and inspiring environment. The event is peaceful, and over the years it has shaped up to be a place with its own kind of atmosphere and team spirit, a fact which makes both visitors and vendors participate year after year.

It is well worth spending an entire day at the event, because the area includes a cafe, a beach, a dock and a food tent.